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Twin Flames

Original video artwork (1 of 1) by L. Dolphin Brown.  Continuously looping video Artwork with soundtrack comes pre-loaded in a digital frame, with remote control, power cord, kickstand, and 3-foot cord cover. (except digital file, which does not include screen or accessories)  This is only a short clip of the full 1 min 43 seconds video which runs continuously and seamlessly in a loop until you turn it off. 

Twin Flames

  • This artwork captures the essence of two souls reaching for each other, igniting the fires of passion and setting ablaze a profound journey of love and transformation. The artist seeks to depict the intensity of the union of two souls, depicting sparks and embers that ignite and dance in the air, symbolizing the fires of passion and spiritual awakening. The flames intertwine and entwine, representing the merging of two souls as they embark on a transformative journey together. It serves as a reminder that within the fires of passion lie the sparks of growth, illumination, and the potential for profound change.

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