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Hailing from the creative heart of Austin, Texas, I am L. Dolphin Brown, a pioneering video artist who weaves together the ethereal beauty of nature with the cutting-edge pulse of technology. My pieces are more than just art; they are transformative experiences. Through vibrant visuals and enchanting soundscapes, I transport viewers from the overwhelming cacophony of daily life into a realm of profound tranquility and connection.


My canvas is not bound by frames but flows freely in mesmerizing video sequences. I elevate the everyday wonders of nature's patterns and colors, enhancing them with sophisticated post-production techniques, resulting in abstract visual odysseys. But the true magic lies in the symphony of sounds accompanying these visuals. By innovatively harnessing the electrical impulses of plants through a PlantWave device and harmonizing them with nature's organic melodies, I offer an auditory journey as soul-stirring as the visuals themselves.


My passion for video art was ignited serendipitously in 8th grade and was nurtured during my formative years at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas. My academic and artistic pursuits led me to the Savannah College of Art and Design. It was here, under the mentorship of the esteemed video artist Dara Birnbaum, that I expanded my horizons, pioneering the college's first multi-channel installation.


However, life had its own script. Following two decades in the corporate realm and a life-altering cancer diagnosis in 2017, I was reminded of the fragility and beauty of existence. This realization reignited my artistic passions, driving me to create pieces that stand as sanctuaries of serenity and magic in a tumultuous world.


My artistry is rooted in a set of unwavering principles: pushing creative boundaries, championing authenticity, and fostering empowerment. Every creation is an invitation, beckoning viewers to embark on a spiritual voyage, guiding them towards a harmonious alignment of the soul.


In a world caught between the relentless rhythm of technology and the ageless whisper of nature, my art emerges as an oasis. It's here that these contrasting realms converge, crafting a sanctuary of unparalleled balance, peace, and inspiration.

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