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Submerged Symphony

Original video artwork (1 of 1) by L. Dolphin Brown.  Continuously looping video artwork with soundtrack comes pre-loaded in a digital frame, with remote control, power cord, kickstand, and 3-foot cord cover. (except digital file, which does not include screen or accessories)  This is only a short clip of the full 2 min 24 seconds video which runs continuously and seamlessly in a loop until you turn it off. 

Submerged Symphony

  • Submerged Symphony delves beneath the surface to explore the profound nature of the element of water through the mesmerizing presence of breaking waves. This artwork captures the essence of water's fluidity and eternal flow, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its depths. Diving into the hidden world of water, viewers witness the swirling currents and graceful dance of underwater life, captured in delicate and fluid strokes. The painting's evocative atmosphere invites viewers to embrace the enigmatic qualities of water, its ability to adapt and transform while remaining constant in its essence. Through the portrayal of the captivating flow beneath breaking waves, viewers are encouraged to connect with the fluidity of their own emotions, to embrace change, and to find solace in the profound depths of the watery realm.


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