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Elemental Convergence

Original video artwork (1 of 1) by L. Dolphin Brown. Continuously looping video Artwork with soundtrack comes pre-loaded in a digital frame, with remote control, power cord, kickstand, and 3-foot cord cover. (except digital file, which does not include screen or accessories)


This is only a short clip of the full 1 min 23 seconds video which runs continuously and seamlessly in a loop until you turn it off.

Elemental Convergence

  • Elemental Convergence explores the essence of balance and centeredness through the embodiment of divinity and the convergence of elemental forces. It portrays the harmonious interplay between different elements, inviting viewers to embrace their own equilibrium. It serves as a reminder that within the convergence of elemental forces lies profound wisdom, and by embracing our own centeredness, we can navigate the complexities of existence with grace and poise.

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