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Mintakan Portal

In this piece, I channel the serene blues of the now-extinct Mintakan star system, a beacon of tranquility in the cosmos. The color blue, symbolizing depth and stability, reflects the high vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension. This artwork serves as a portal, inviting viewers to experience the calming effects of Mintakan energy, renowned for its nurturing and beautifying capabilities. It's a visual meditation on the soothing powers of blue, echoing the ocean's vastness and the sky's limitlessness



Mintakan Portal

Expected to ship by the ed of June
  • Continuously looping video artwork with soundtrack comes pre-loaded in a 55" digital frame, with remote control, power cord, and 3-foot cord cover.  This is only a short clip of the full video which runs continuously and seamlessly in a loop until you turn it off.

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